Terms of Use

Last Updated July 16, 2023.

These set of binding Terms of Use, in conjunction with the meticulous Privacy Policy of Trends 4 Business, encompass and govern the terms and conditions (“Terms”) that govern your access to and utilization of the comprehensive suite of Trends 4 Business products and services (collectively referred to as the “Trends 4 Business Services” or simply the “Services”). The suite of services we offer can be accessed via our diverse collection of online platforms, encompassing but not exclusive to Trends 4 Business., and are further extended through select Trends 4 Business Newsletters (collectively referred to as the “Site”).

The term “Trends 4 Business” encompasses not only the organization itself but also includes its esteemed officers, directors, employees, consultants, affiliates, subsidiaries, and agents. It is important to note that the Trends 4 Business websites and products have been meticulously crafted to cater to the needs and interests of international residents. However, it is pertinent to acknowledge that certain products or services offered by Trends 4 Business might impose limitations or prohibitions on the usage due to their unique legal frameworks and regulations.

Services Terms of Use

The array of credit card services offered by Trends 4 Business encompasses a diverse range of features, which include but are not limited to a complimentary credit score assessment, seamless access to third-party rewards programs, innovative platforms facilitating the identification and communication with U.S. financial services, and the availability of proficient professionals such as third-party experts, advocates, and advisors offering a multitude of services.

The comprehensive financial services rendered by Trends 4 Business extend beyond credit cards and encompass a wide spectrum of valuable information, covering areas such as stock brokers, forex brokers, cryptocurrency exchanges, and other pertinent financial products.

By choosing to utilize or access the Trends 4 Business Services, you willingly agree to be bound by these Terms, subject to periodic updates. Given the diverse range of services provided by Trends 4 Business, it is possible that we may request your review and acceptance of supplementary terms that specifically pertain to your interaction with a particular product or service.

In order to access some of the Services, it could be requisite to disclose specific details to external parties, for instance, credit card or banking account information. However, it is crucial to emphasize that we, Trends 4 Business, do not possess or retain any of this confidential data, as it remains undisclosed to us. For a comprehensive understanding of our data handling practices, we recommend reviewing our Privacy Policy for additional details.

    • Registration and Account Security.
      In order to access and utilize the Services provided, it is a prerequisite that you meet the following criteria: (i) you must be at least eighteen (18) years of age; (ii) you must not have been previously suspended or expelled from utilizing the Services; and (iii) you must register for an account and utilize the Services in strict adherence to all relevant laws and regulations that govern your jurisdiction.

      a) Account Registration: To unlock certain features of the Services, including newsletters, you may be obligated to complete an account registration process. During this registration process, we may request specific identifying information from you, which may include but is not limited to your email address, contact details, and the creation of a unique user name and password (referred to as “Registration Information”). By registering for an account, you consent to providing accurate, up-to-date, and comprehensive information about yourself. Furthermore, you agree not to impersonate any individual, misrepresent any affiliations, employ false information, or engage in identity concealment from Trends 4 Business for any purpose.

      b) Account Responsibility: The onus falls entirely on you to protect the privacy and safety of your password and other Enrollment Details. As a precautionary measure for both your own protection and that of other users, we kindly request that you refrain from sharing your Registration Information with any third parties. Should you choose to share this information with others, we shall consider any activities carried out using your credentials as authorized by you. In the event that you suspect your account’s security has been compromised, it is imperative that you promptly notify us via contact form.

    • Specific Requirements for Certain Services.
      By engaging in the utilization of the Services, you thereby affirm your recognition and wholehearted acceptance of the subsequent distinct prerequisites and terms of use that apply to particular Trends 4 Business Services, which encompasses an array of provisions that encompass commercial applications and use cases.
    • Third Party Services.

      a) Advice from Third Parties. Certain aspects of the Services entail the provision of advice and content from external sources. It is important to acknowledge that any advice and content offered by third parties is solely intended for informational, educational, and entertainment purposes. Such advice and content should not be misconstrued as legal, financial, tax planning, medical, or any other form of advice originating directly from Trends 4 Business. You explicitly agree that Trends 4 Business bears no responsibility or liability for any advice provided by third parties. Moreover, you understand and accept that you are solely accountable for conducting your own comprehensive financial research and making informed financial decisions. Trends 4 Business cannot be held responsible or liable for any decisions or actions taken by you or authorized by you on behalf of third parties, based on the information you receive as a user of Trends 4 Business. Moreover, you recognize that we might be remunerated when you follow links to products or services that we evaluate. This applies to credit card providers, foreign exchange dealers, stock brokers, as well as digital currency exchanges. We encourage you to review our affiliate disclosure for a detailed understanding of this compensation structure and its implications.

      b) Sharing Information with Third Parties. In order to access certain Services, it may be necessary for you to disclose sensitive financial information, such as credit card numbers, bank account numbers, and other pertinent details, to third-party entities. By leveraging the Services, you unequivocally concur that Trends 4 Business will not possess this information, and we won’t gather, retain, or convey such data on your behalf. Additional insights about our practices concerning data management are outlined in our Privacy Policy. You acknowledge and accept that the decision to disclose any sensitive or confidential information is solely your responsibility and is undertaken at your own risk. Trends 4 Business has no jurisdiction over and offers no assertions regarding the use or dissemination of information furnished to third-party entities. You categorically acknowledge that these third-party services function autonomously of Trends 4 Business’s authority, and Trends 4 Business cannot be held accountable for any handling of your data by these third parties.

      c) Trends 4 Business Does Not Endorse Third Parties. The Services offered may incorporate hyperlinks directing to websites and services operated by third parties. Trends 4 Business provides these links for the sake of convenience and does not exercise control over or endorse the content, products, services, advertising, or any other materials presented on such third-party websites or services. It is important for you to acknowledge and agree that Trends 4 Business has not conducted a comprehensive review of the legality, accuracy, or appropriateness of the content encompassed within these third-party websites or services. Consequently, Trends 4 Business cannot be held responsible or liable, either directly or indirectly, for any damages or losses incurred or claimed to be incurred as a result of utilizing or in connection with the use of such third-party websites or services.

    • Prohibited Conduct.
      You agree not to:

      a) Engage in the utilization of the Services for any unlawful purpose or in violation of local, regional, national, or international laws.

      b) Encourage or partake in activities that infringe upon the rights of third parties, including but not limited to intellectual property rights.

      c) Utilize any content available on our website with the intent to manipulate or artificially influence the stock market or cryptocurrency market.

      d) Disrupt or tamper with any security-related features of the Services.

      e) Do not disrupt the functioning of the Services or hinder the user experience of others, including but not confined to, propagating or sharing viruses, adware, spyware, worms, or any malicious codes, initiating unwelcome solicitations or promotions to other users, or endeavoring to collect personal data about users or third parties without their agreement.

      f) Refrain from accessing, observing, or duplicating any content or information from the Site via automated tools such as bots, spiders, scrapers, or any other automated or manual processes, without the explicit written consent of Trends 4 Business.

      g) Avoid participating in deceptive activities, which include masquerading as another individual or entity, making false statements of association, unauthorized access to other users’ accounts, or misrepresenting your identity or any other personal details about yourself, such as age or birth date.

      h) Sell or transfer the granted access to the Services to any other individual or entity, or otherwise transfer the rights and privileges granted herein.

    • Intellectual Property and User Content.
      The Trends 4 Business Services are safeguarded by relevant copyright and intellectual property laws. As a result, no resources obtained from the Services should be copied, replicated, reissued, uploaded, shared, transmitted, or disseminated in any way without securing our explicit consent. Should you suspect that your content has been utilized in a manner that infringes upon your copyright, you have the option to contact us via contact form. To hasten the resolution of your copyright infringement allegation, the following details are required:
        • An electronic or tangible signature of the copyright holder or a person endorsed to represent the copyright owner.
        • A comprehensive account of the copyrighted work that you claim has been violated.
        • Exact details concerning the location of the purportedly infringing content.
        • Your full contact details, encompassing your address, phone number, and email address.
        • A written declaration asserting your sincere conviction that the disputed utilization of the copyrighted material isn’t sanctioned by the copyright proprietor, its representative, or relevant law.
        • A declaration made by you, under the risk of perjury, affirming the veracity of the previously mentioned data in your notice, and verifying that you are either the holder of the copyright or have been authorized to represent the copyright owner.
          Please ensure that the provided information is accurate and complete to the best of your knowledge.
    1. Indemnification.
      By utilizing the Services, you explicitly acknowledge and accept personal responsibility for your actions and use of the Services. Furthermore, you agree to defend, indemnify, and hold Trends 4 Business harmless from any and all claims, liabilities, damages, losses, and expenses (including legal fees and accounting costs) arising from or in connection with the following:

      (i) Your access to, use of, or alleged use of the Services; (ii) Your breach of the Terms of Service or any relevant laws or regulations; (iii) Your infringement upon any third-party rights, including but not limited to intellectual property rights, publicity rights, confidentiality rights, property rights, or privacy rights; (iv) Any disputes or issues that arise between you and a third party.

      Should a claim or issue necessitating indemnification arise, Trends 4 Business retains the right, at its own cost, to undertake sole defense and control of the proceedings. You consent to cooperate fully with our defense strategies concerning such claims.

    2. Termination.
      In the event of a violation of these Terms, your authorization to utilize the Services will be automatically revoked and terminated. Moreover, Trends 4 Business holds the exclusive authority to pause or cease your access to the website or newsletter, with or without providing you with advance notice.
    3. Modification of the Terms.
      Trends 4 Business holds the prerogative to revise these Terms at any given time and introduce new or supplementary terms and conditions pertaining to your use of the Services. These modifications and additional terms shall come into effect promptly upon providing notice and shall be integrated into these Terms. We will endeavor to notify you of any significant modifications to the Terms, methods of which may incorporate, but are not restricted to, placing an announcement on our website or dispatching an email to any supplied address. Your continued utilization of the Services subsequent to receiving notice will be construed as your acceptance of the modified Terms.
    4. Disclaimers of Warranties.
      The Services are made available to you on an “as is” and “as available” basis, without any form of warranty or condition, whether expressed or implied. While Trends 4 Business strives to uphold services that are secure, accurate, and in proper working order, we cannot guarantee uninterrupted operation or uninterrupted access to our Services. There may be instances where inadvertent technical glitches or factual errors occur, and we acknowledge that such situations may arise intermittently. We endeavor to maintain the safety, security, accuracy, and functionality of our Services to the best of our abilities.

      a) No Warranties. Trends 4 Business explicitly and without reservation negates any presumed warranties, which might include, but are not limited to: (i) Guarantees of merchantability, suitability for a particular function, quiet possession, or freedom from violation.
      You recognize and consent to all hazards linked to any damages that may result from your use of or entry to the Services or the services of external parties, including those associated when we obtain recompense for clicks on evaluated products, as outlined in our affiliate disclosure. Trends 4 Business cannot be held accountable for any loss, harm, or inaccessibility of any data that you have furnished through the Services. This encompasses data related to credit card applications, foreign exchange brokers, stock brokers, and digital currency exchanges.

      b) No Guarantee of Accuracy. Trends 4 Business does not provide any guarantee regarding the accuracy of the information, content, recommendations, or materials available through the Services. Furthermore, Trends 4 Business disclaims all liability for any errors, inaccuracies, or deficiencies present in the aforementioned information, content, recommendations, and materials.

      c) Services Offered for Informative Objectives. The data conveyed via the Services is designed solely for informative, educational, or leisure objectives. Trends 4 Business and the Services do not have an endorsement from or an affiliation with FINRA, nor do they function as monetary institutions, registered brokers, analysts, financial advisors, money transfer services, or insurance companies. Trends 4 Business does not deliver any express or implicit assertions, guarantees, or assurances concerning the outcomes or savings that could be achieved through the application of the Services. It’s highly recommended that before taking any financial steps or executing any financial strategies, including those suggested by third parties identified through the Services, you procure further information and guidance from accountants or other financial advisors who have a thorough understanding of your specific circumstances.

      d) No Warranties Regarding Third Parties. Trends 4 Business does not offer any assertions, warranties, or assurances, be they explicit or implied, relating to any third-party services, guidance delivered by third parties, or any quotations or propositions presented through the Services. Trends 4 Business does not recommend any particular advisor or other third party. Trends 4 Business functions exclusively as an intermediary connecting you with third-party service providers, thereby absolving itself entirely from any liability associated with the content, products, or services provided by said service providers, which also encompasses our affiliate partners.

    1. Limitation of Liability.
      Under no circumstances shall Trends 4 Business bear responsibility to you for any unforeseen, exceptional, resultant, direct, indirect, or punitive damages, regardless of whether these damages arise from warranty, contract, tort (including negligence), statute, or any other legal doctrine. This includes damages even if Trends 4 Business has been made aware of the potential for such damage.

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