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Collection and Purpose of Personal Data


When users leave comments on our website, we collect the information they provide in the comments form, including their IP address and browser user agent string. By leveraging these intricate particulars, we fortify our ability to discern and proactively thwart any pernicious spam attempts. Upon successful comment approval, the commenter’s profile picture seamlessly integrates into the public view, gracefully accompanying their insightful contribution.


With regard to media uploads, we strongly advise against incorporating any location data (EXIF GPS) within the images, prioritizing privacy and security for our users. Our esteemed website visitors hold the remarkable capability to effortlessly procure and extract geospatial information from the images seamlessly shared on our platform.

Contact Forms

We respect your privacy and keep all information submitted through our contact form confidential. Rest assured, we uphold an unwavering commitment to strict confidentiality, refraining from divulging such information to any external entities. Be at ease, knowing that the data you entrust to us finds its secure abode on our fortified email server, shielded from unauthorized access.


To enhance user convenience, we offer the option to save name, email address, and website details in cookies when leaving a comment on our site. These cookies have a duration of one year, saving you from re-entering your information for future commentsIn order to elevate user convenience, we proudly present the opportunity to preserve name, email address, and website particulars through the utilization of cookies when submitting comments on our esteemed platform. These cookies, with a duration of precisely one year, relieve you from the need to repeatedly enter your information for forthcoming comments.

For esteemed users possessing accounts on our site, a temporary cookie is established to determine the browser’s compatibility with accepting cookies. This particular cookie, devoid of personal data, is promptly eradicated upon closing the browser, assuring user privacy.

Upon successful login to an account, supplementary cookies are configured to retain login information and screen display preferences. The login cookies maintain their existence for a period of two days, while screen options cookies remain steadfast for one year. Through the thoughtful selection of the “Remember Me” option, users bask in the convenience of persistent login for an extended span of two weeks. The act of logging out effectively deletes the login cookies, ensuring a clean slate of user privacy.

While engaged in the commendable tasks of editing or publishing an article, an independent cookie, bereft of personal data, discretely resides within the browser. Its sole purpose is to signify the ID of the most recently edited article, with an expiration gracefully set at one day, further enhancing user experience and workflow efficiency.

Embedded Content from Other Websites

To provide a comprehensive experience, our articles may contain embedded content, such as videos, images, or articles, sourced from other websites.

In our unyielding pursuit of delivering an all-encompassing encounter, our meticulously crafted articles encompass embedded elements, ranging from captivating videos and captivating images to enlightening articles, thoughtfully sourced from external websites. The embedded content seamlessly mirrors the visitor’s experience as if they had directly accessed the originating website.

It is important to bear in mind that these external websites, hosting the embedded content, may engage in the collection of user data, implement cookies, employ third-party tracking mechanisms, and diligently monitor user interactions with the embedded content. Notably, if users possess accounts on these websites and are duly logged in, their engagements and interactions with the embedded content may be meticulously tracked for various purposes.

Exporting or Deleting Your Personal Data

We are committed to ensuring that you have control over your personal data. If you wish to export or delete the personal data we hold about you, please send us the request using request form, provide registered email address and write a free-form message to that effect. We will contact you within a short time and provide you with a special link, following which the necessary action will be performed with your data. Please note that once your data is deleted, it cannot be recovered. We advise you to export your data before deletion if you think you might need it in the future.


Sharing of User Data

We maintain an unwavering commitment to the utmost confidentiality and handle user data with the utmost care, employing it solely for internal analysis purposes. Rest assured, the data you entrust to us finds no path to the hands of any external entities as we steadfastly refrain from sharing it with any third parties.

Data Retention Duration

In our ongoing efforts to foster seamless comment moderation and streamline the process of follow-up comment approval, we diligently preserve comments and their associated metadata for an indefinite duration. This practice enables us to facilitate the automatic approval of subsequent comments and alleviates the necessity for continuous moderation.

For our esteemed registered users, we securely store the personal information provided within their user profiles. At any given time, users maintain the prerogative to access, modify, or delete their personal information, except for the username, which is held as a permanent identifier and cannot be altered. Additionally, authorized website administrators possess the capability to view and make necessary modifications to this information, ensuring the smooth operation and maintenance of the platform.

User Rights

Users who have established accounts or have contributed comments hold the privilege to request an exclusively generated file, encompassing their personal data in its entirety. This comprehensive export file comprises all the information users have voluntarily shared with us. Moreover, we duly acknowledge and honor users’ entitlement to request the erasure of their personal data from our records.

It is essential to recognize that certain data may be mandatorily retained for administrative, legal, or security reasons, aligning with our obligations and requirements.

Safeguarding user data remains a paramount priority, and we diligently implement robust measures to ensure its fortified security. Through the deployment of appropriate safeguards, we fortify user data against unauthorized access, manipulation, or breaches. Rest assured, we leave no stone unturned in prioritizing the protection and confidentiality of the information entrusted to us.

Data Transfer

To maintain the integrity of our platform, visitor comments undergo a rigorous process of automated spam detection, meticulously executed through a cutting-edge automated service. This advanced system enables us to swiftly identify and filter out any intrusive spam, ensuring a seamless and enriching user experience.

Should you have any inquiries or concerns regarding our esteemed privacy policy, we wholeheartedly encourage you to engage with us. You can effortlessly reach out to our dedicated team using the contact details thoughtfully provided on our website. We value open communication and are always eager to address any questions or apprehensions you may have, reaffirming our commitment to transparency and user satisfaction.

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